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Extensive numbers of ball pythons are caught, bred, traded and subsequently kept in captivity across the world as part of the exotic pet industry. Nerd specializes in breeding and socializing the most exotic individual ball pythons, reticulated pythons, blood pythons, monitor lizards and spiders. For general great info on how to keep the animals and breed them then either the book from vpi pythons of the world part ii ball pythons or the complete ball bython by nerd. It is important to keep track of the ball python breeding timeline. Buy ball pythons in captivity professional breeders series book online at best prices in india on. Males have been bred as young as 6 months of age, weighing as little as 500g, while on the other hand females should weigh around. Covers housing, sexing, breeding, egg incubation and raising young snakes. The most popular way is to keep your baby ball python in a 1520 gallon terrarium. It is hard to believe how fast time goes by when youre breeding snakes. Originally posted by shadowsnakes i looked at this same problem a few months ago and settled on two iherp or herperpro. It seems like my 2018 babies are just getting established and i am now thinking about the 2019 breeding season. Ball pythons in captivity by kevin mccurley overdrive. Includes husbandry, anatomy, common problems arising when keeping ball pythons, artificial and maternal incubation, sexing ball pythons, and hatchling care. Ball pythons reach sexual maturity between 18 months to 4 years of age.

As mentioned before their size and disposition go along way to make these snakes the ultimate python for beginners and breeders alike. This ebook python regius atlas of color morphs, keeping and breeding ball pythons. This e book offers more information on ball python care than any other book on the market today. Their breeding season in captivity is between november to march. Ball python genetics genes in ball pythons you should. Of course, one of the most common questions relates to their temperament specifically how friendly they are. Apr 26, 2018 we talk about how to make the best combos and examples by selective breeding, and line breeding.

This book is essiental for anyone who wants to breed ball pythons for fun or profit. Ball pythons are among the most popular of all pet snakes, and make interesting pets for both beginning herp hobbyists and professional breeders. By taking the time to create a proper habitat and to understand the nature and needs of these charming reptiles, youll give your ball python the best chance to thrive, grow, and live a long and healthy life under your care. Herp books keeping and breeding australian pythons. Excellent book with incredible pictures of the different morphs. Ball python breeding is fun, and ranks as one of the best things about having a snake as a pet. Everything you should know about breeding ball pythons. If you are using a lamp for both heat and light, get a lamp with a red light setting so that it will not bother your ball python at night. How to breed ball pythons a guide to successful breeding by. Many people feel the next logical step in the world of keeping snakes is breeding them.

Its robust constitution and easily fulfilled demands on husbandry conditions make it perfectly suited for breeding projects of this kind as well as an almost normal pet. Everything you should know about breeding ball pythons pet. Python regius atlas of color morphs, keeping and breeding ball. Ball pythons may occasionally refuse food for a variety of reasons. I kept this one and made a present of the other one to my partner in our snake breeding venture. The ball python is arguably the most popular constrictor available in. This is a rare limited release book that is almost impossible to get. Python passions ball python encyclopedia by pamela trentham. Because its entirely dedicated to that one subject.

This is the best indicator of environmental correctness. This is a very basic breeding recipe that works for us. There are so many strategies that people out there are using, many with great success. Stunning new color and pattern morphs are introduced every year, along with more husbandry resources than a keeper can shake a snake at. What are the pros and cons of ball pythons as pets. And while ball pythons can sell for quite a bit on the commercial market, making any substantial profit usually requires a huge down payment to. Ball pythons in captivity professional breeders series. Kevin mccurley runs new england reptile distributors n. The key is to understand that the snakes do most of the heavy lifting. Breeding season begins in midlate september, which is when temperatures drop in the wild. Stefan broghammer is the leading german expert on the husbandry and breeding of ball pythons. No matter how many babies we hatch the excitement of seeing a brand new baby pipping out of the egg just never goes away. Wizard shows chart and interactive results of morphs, with clutch stats, and links back into inventory. Ball pythons aka royal pythons are one of the most popular captive reptiles due to their friendliness, managable size, and wide variety of colors and patterns.

Python regius atlas of color morphs, keeping and breeding ball pythons. Based on breeding expertise developed over 25 years, we produce unique, one of a kind, individual animals that cannot be found anywhere else. This book will provide you with relevant information regarding ball pythons, their nature and behaviors, and how to make sure that you will be giving them the utmost care. How to care for your ball python with pictures wikihow. I was reluctant to buy the book since it seems that almost all the information one would need about care breeding morphs of the ball python can be found on the internet, but i am so glad i did buy it. The ball python species comes from the african grasslands. However, ball pythons can also refuse food due to illness or injury. If you are thinking of breeding ball pythons, then you are in for a tough job. Ball python books perfect ball python book xyzreptiles. Also known as a super black pastel piebald, we consider this variety to be among the most stunning of ball python morphs. Exploring new and unseen combination can be quite exciting, but are there areas in ball python genetics that are best to avoid.

If the snake has trouble shedding, and the skin comes off in lots of broken pieces, it could be dehydrated. The panda ball python is a combination of the codominant black pastel trait and the recessive piebald trait. But if youre completely inexperienced with breeding pet snakes, you might not know where to start. The first edition of the ballpythonatlas was already celebrated by fans of this giant snake as the ultimate. Remember, ball pythons are notoriously tricky to breed, and a first timer might feel overwhelmed if this is his first experience with snake breeding. When breeding ball pythons, the first thing you need to make sure is that you have a sexually mature pair. This information will be useful in subsequent breeding seasons. This is for all of you who asked me for a step by step on how to breed ball pythons. Mar 15, 2006 this is one of the books that is considered the bible when it comes to breeding designer morph ball pythons. The ball python is a good snake for a beginning snake owner. A female ball python should be at least 1200 grams before breeding, which she should reach at between 2 and 3 years of age. Its also important to make sure your ball python has clean drinking water available at all times.

There are now over 3000 different, distinctive color and pattern combinations that have been created. This book s introduction examines some of the reasons why. Therefore, to breed your ball pythons, you should keep their enclosure cooler than usual. Most ball python books offer a brief chapter on care, followed by several chapters on color variations, snake breeding, etc. Many such lamps double as basking lights to keep your ball pythons enclosure at the right temperature. Theres good news ball pythons havent just become popular pets because they look. Nov 09, 2016 how to breed ball pythons, incubating ball python eggs. Ball pythons require very specific husbandry care, food, shelter. You could finely add the soft file python regius atlas of color morphs, keeping and breeding ball pythons.

How to breed a ball python with timeline and pictures. Free pdf python regius atlas of color morphs, keeping and breeding ball pythons. So you want to breed ball pythons and youre not quite sure what you are doing. While this can be an attractive feature of keeping ball pythons as pets, as an owner does not need to spend a lot of time or money on feeding and pet food, some pythons may refuse to eat to their own detriment. Ball pythons for sale largest selection in the world. For the first time a book covering all australian python species written by leading australian breeders. Much of this popularity is due to the amazing number of color mutations. Throughout the 2019 season, i will be posting about my approach to breeding carpet pythons.

Its up to the snake owner if they want to take this step, but it is truly a rewarding, exciting and amazing experience. About this book amateur hobbyist or professional breeder, this is a must have book. There are many pictures of ball pythons python regius in various morphs, also including burmese pythons python molurus bivittatus, boa constrictors and rodents. Contains graphs, charts and many coloured photographs. Some information related to how to breed these pythons is covered in this article. In this new edition he explains in a readily understandable and pra. Keeping ball pythons is also an excellent reference guide for owning these wonderful animals. Since then, there has been a lot of development in breeding, which is why expert stefan broghammer presents an updated and vastly expanded reprint. Great for novices looking to learn more about the ball python, with lots of interesting tidbits that hopefully even the. Is the way that we care for ball pythons and other reptiles in captivity allowing for the best life these animals can live. Sections on diseases and disorders and colour and pattern mutations of australian pythons. Most ball pythons purchased at pet stores and from good breeders in the u. Albino ball pythons were actually the first proven recessive mutation of the ball python species.

Python regius atlas of colour morphs keeping and breeding by broghammer is an insight into not only herpetoculture and morphs but much more skip to content its not a desire. Due to the ongoing popularity of ball python morphs. For example, males often cease feeding for several months during the breeding season, and most ball pythons will refuse food while undergoing a shed cycle. If you want to increase the level of humidity inside the ball python enclosure, you can do so by creating a moisture box or by using a particular substrate like cypress. I really love this book and enjoy it every time i pick it.

Quickly calculate genetics of possible offspring when breeding ball pythons. This will ensure the animal is properly hydrated, which is the key to good shedding. How to breed ball pythons a guide to successful breeding. Learn about feeding snakes, building a snake cage and what kind of symptoms to watch out for to ensure that your snake is healthy. This 76page softcover book is considered by many to be the best ball python reference on the market. Usually, its not too hard to tell once youve seen it, but ive always advised folks to simply continue introducing the pairs all the way to the end if they are not certain. Ball pythons the history, natural history, care, and breeding this is the most detailed and comprehensive book ever written about one species of snakeand not just any snake either.

While there are many different snakes that you can keep as a pet, one of the most popular options is the ball python. If you are new to snake keeping nothing beats having a book about snake care at your finger tips. Complete ball python, a comprehensive guide to care, breeding, and genetic mutations. This complete ball python care guide will teach you everything you need to know about keeping your new snake healthy. Complete ball python, a comprehensive guide to care, breeding, and genetic mutations kevin mccurley on. Ball python python regius the ball python is quite simply the most popular pet python in the world. Also includes information on natural habitats and behaviours. With the eggs in the incubator, you have to get your female snake reacclimated to her habitat by eliminating all. Make sure they are in good health and weigh properly. A comprehensive guide with chapters discussing the ball python in nature, captivity, diet, selection, understanding the ball python, health concerns, breeding and egg incubation, baby snake care, color morphs, and more. To help reduce the number of snakes poached from the wild.

Python passions ball python encyclopedia by pamela. The perfect ball python book is a 200 plus page book with over 700 images of ball pythons mutations and combos written in japanese with english descriptions of the images. Samantha wrote and photographed all the information contained within the book. How to breed ball pythons, knowing when its the right time there was a time when reptile keepers thought that ball pythons adhered to a strict seasonal breeding schedule and this was based on the fact that in the african countries where ball pythons. As with most snakes, the weight of a ball python is a bit more important than the age of the snake when determining if the snake is ready for breeding. Pythons at amazon there is enough general information on husbandry that many owners will find it a useful general resource. The purpose of this article is to explain some of the fundamentals of genetics as they apply to breeding. Aside from keeping and breeding ball pythons himself, mr. We have many informative sections such as care and maintenance sheets on keeping and breeding ball pythons.

Snakes generally do not eat while they are in the shed cycle. With the information accumulated, you can create a personalized ball python breeding guide with steps and notes that works for you. Responsible pet owners then may have to resort to force feeding the python. Exposing the reptile hobby the truth about keeping ball. Mike has gone to great lengths to secure some of australians most experienced python breeders to compile this essential guide to breeding some of the worlds most beautiful snakes. Created by breeding an albino with a candy, candinos are a rarity and can be identified by their yellow and grayish pink scales. Do not be alarmed if a wellstarted ball python goes off feed during the cooler, drier times of the year, as this is common in captivity. Amateur hobbyist or professional breeder, this is a must have book. D and is considered one of the top experts in this field. If you are looking to become a breeder, look into purchasing a rack system. Ball python care sheet i learn how to care for your ball python. Written by a respected breeder of ball pythons, this book covers a wide variety of key topics such as housing, health care, breeding, and genetics.

Keep the moss moist but not watery, and place the box on the heating pad in the. He has successfully designed and bred many never before seen ball python morphs. There are few things that are more rewarding than producing a clutch and watching the little babies. Provides information on natural habitats, behavior, housing, sexing, breeding, egg incubation and raising young snakes. A complete ball python breeding guide for beginners. The secret to breeding the best ball pythons youtube. Below youll find a wide selection of snake care books that will help you care for your new pet. The first edition of the ball python atlas was already celebrated by fans of this snake as the ultimate. Living art reptiles ball pythonsbreedingcareinformation. Chapter 1 purchasing your ball python this chapter offers tips on finding a ball python, evaluating the snakes health prior to purchasing, and other selection topics. The oldest ball python ever to live in captivity was 47 years and six months old when he died.

The next step after successful reproduction and egg. Apr 04, 2016 having an understanding of genetics is important if you are thinking about jumping into reptile breeding, especially if you are interested in producing different color and pattern morphs. If the ball python sheds well, it probably has all of the humidity it needs. Ball pythons in captivity by kevin mccurley bookshop. When breeding ball pythons, careful considerations should be made when it comes to ball python genetics. Breeding your ball pythons can be one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of keeping your animals as long as the safety and the health of your breeders remains your number one concern. Morphmarket currently has 15057 ball pythons for sale listed by 15 ball python sellers in the united states. Jkr ball python breeding schedule the ball street journal.

Ball pythons are a very popular choice for many people who are looking for a pet snake. For certain genetic mutations, i would say this is an absolute, yes. Python regius, atlas of color morphs, keeping and breeding. One of the most common questions we get at vms about breeding ball pythons, is how to tell when a ball python is gravid as opposed to ovulating. Ball python breeding can be as simple as leaving two or more snakes together throughout the winter months or as precise and targeted as using a single male to successfully inseminate a dozen or more females in a single calendar year. He has been importing potential new colour morphs directly from africa for many years, knows from his own observations how the snakes live there, and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of designer morph breeding. An informative book about keeping and breeding ball pythons. This will mimic the ball python s natural living environment and allow the female to become fertile. Keeping and breeding australian pythons by mike swan. The ball python is arguably the most popular constrictor available in captivity today, and its an.

To breed ball pythons, you should get the necessary equipment like an egg box, perlite or vermiculite, an incubator, and a generator. Ball pythons are one of the most popular types of snakes kept as pets. Keeping ball pythons is the culmination of a 20 week senior project at rochester institute of technology. However, in captivity, these snakes live an average of 30 years. The ball python is arguably the most popular constrictor available in captivity today, and its an exhilarating time to be involved in keeping these snakes. Ball pythons in captivity by kevin mccurley the ball python is arguably the most popular constrictor available in captivity today, and its an exhilarating time to be involved in keeping these snakes. Complete ball python, a comprehensive guide to care, breeding. Growing to a maximum size of 3 to 5 feet, ball pythons are not as large as many of the other constricting snakes that are kept as pets, are quite docile, and are easy to handle. Feed adult ball pythons every 1 to 2 weeks and younger ball pythons weekly as they need this energy to grow. Kevin mccurley, owner of new england reptile distributors. Ball python breeding, where to buy, types, care, temperament, cost, health, handling, husbandry, diet, and much more included. Thousands of pet owners and hundreds of other breeders now proudly own nerd animals.

A true designer morph, you wont find candinos in the wild as they only occur from two recessive genes found in the aforementioned 2 other morphs. If you then want to see what morphs have been made along with their ingredients then john berry just released a new version of his designer morphs book. Keeping and breeding australian pythons is the first of mike swans husbandry and breeding guides to australian reptiles. Mutation creation bp breeding page ball python breeding. Complete ball python, a comprehensive guide to care. The key to keeping your ball python healthy is to provide an environment close to its natural environment, including temperature range, humidity level, light cycle and landscape.

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