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Mcintosh mc150 stereo power amplifier 9951 solid state. There is a custom din connector for connecting a mcintosh cdsacd transport. The mha150 contains the same feature set but with a new digitaltoanalog converter dac that adds support for dsd and dxd files to give you access to the latest in digital music performance. Thank you please take a moment technical assistance if at any time you have questions about your mcintosh product, contact your mcintosh dealer who is familiar with your mcintosh equipment and any other brands that may be part of your system. Leave at 1644 as the exclusive mode will allow jr to control the output data rate of the driver.

It may be an entrylevel model, but it contains the same quality and highlevel. Mcintosh mc152 stereo power amplifier at crutchfield. The absolute sound gave the c46 their editors choice award. I am not certain about the 150 but i bet the mc logo bulbs are soldertype and the rest are plugin. Our smallest current model solid state stereo amplifier in terms of power output, the mc152 is perfect for modest sized systems where higher power output levels are not needed or in home theaters to power surround channels. It is an easy job if you have ever used a soldering iron before. The mcintosh mc152 stereo amplifier delivers 150 watts of power into two channels at 2, 4 or 8 ohms. Naturally, being a mcintosh the power is significantly underrated. We have 1 mcintosh mc150 manual available for free pdf download. View the mcintosh mc225 manual for free or ask your question to other mcintosh mc225 owners. The mc300 output is so distortion free, it is difficult to measure with conventional in. The mcintosh mc152 stereo power amp utilizes a balanced pushpull design from input to. Mcintosh mc502 power amplifier best offer for us audio mart. This is a mcintosh c46 audio control center, fullfeatured preamplifier with lots of inputs and outputs and a phono preamp builtin.

Monophonic outputconnecting to the octal socket if the impedance is. About the mc602 companion products the mcintosh products shown at right are logical companions for the mc602. Vintage mcintosh mc2155 amplifierfor sale is a very nice mc2155 stereo amplifier. This unit was purchased from audio classics in july 2004 and serviced and brought up to factory specs by them in january 2015. A welcome return for the big mc home entertainment feb 2000 page 4 1 page a news article of the mc275 reissue, mx2 and thx home theater system.

The mc275 reproduction is sonically transparent and absolutely accurate. Our database contains more than 1 million pdf manuals from more than 10,000 brands. Check with your mcintosh dealer for any late additions. Jan 14, 2015 though still sporting the classic mac look, there is plenty of new tech packed into the d150. If you have additional documentation please consider donating a copy to our free archive. Fmcsa suggests that you generate and print the updated mcs 150 report for your records option 2. Mcintosh mc150 manual stereo power amplifier hifi engine. Mcintosh made its name as a leader in highperformance audio excellence via beautiful, powerful amplifiers and mcintosh remains firstchoice among todays audiophiles, audio engineers, and music lovers the world over.

They are rated to have 1db headroom which should translate into roughly 30 percent more ouput and if i recall correctly the ratings are based on a 12v input power on the mc versions. Our smallest current model solid state stereo amplifier in. An unparalleled heritage of prestigious craftsmanship. Every day we add the latest manuals so that you will always find the product you are looking for. View and download mcintosh mc150 owners manual online. Free mcintosh diagrams, schematics, service manuals. Mcintosh mc150 light bulb replacement audiogon discussion forum.

Please take a short time to read the information in this manual. The mha150 headphone amplifier is a worthy successor to the criticallyacclaimed mha100. The mcintosh driver which was downloaded has a control panel which appears as below. Mcintosh laboratory further warrants the transformers supplied as components of this. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by mcintosh. Mcintosh mx150 preliminary service manual download. This amplifier was in my main system for several years and ive been hesitant to let it go since ive found this to be the most pleasant sounding of the open chassis mcintosh amplifiers. Mcintosh mc7100 compact amplifier solid state powerhouse. Mcintosh mc275 manual stereo power amplifier hifi engine. Mcintosh xr50 bookshelf speakers shop music direct. The mcintosh mha150 offers a plethora of analog and digital inputs, and includes goldplated speaker binding posts.

Mailed applications, on average, take four to six weeks processing time. Please click here to check out our newly launched skyfi audio website with additional items for sale built to the same standards and component quality as all other mc amps from this era but i. When the mc 30 is used with the mcintosh preamplifier equipment, tuners, or other associated equipment the mc 30 power cord is plugged into the receptacle at the rear of these units. Well its been at least 5 weeks with one mcintosh mc275 amp in my system and now i have, for over a week, installed the second one and i now have two mono mc275s. To purchase mc250 spares or accessories, please contact the company via their. A fascinating history of an audio legend even though this book is published by mcintosh itself, it is as candidly revealing as any business history i have read from an independent publisher. It may be an entrylevel model, but it contains the same quality and highlevel of performance found in every mcintosh amp. Mcintosh diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. Be sure to order a new set from mc before doing anything.

Ill cut to the chase and say that one mono amp is very similar to two. Mcintosh mc150 manuals manuals and user guides for mcintosh mc150. The mclntosh mc 2300 solid state stereo power amplifier. Mcintosh laboratory warrants the electrical and mechanical workmanship and components of this equipment to be free of serious defects for a period of 90 days provided the enclosed warranty card is duly completed and returned to mcintosh laboratory. Thanks to our exclusive autoformer technology, this remarkable amount of power is fully available to 2, 4 or 8 ohm speakers the mc1. Mcintosh s custom goldplated binding posts, a frontpanel logo that can illuminate via the power control feature on other mcintosh components, and a fiveyear manufacturer warranty elevate xr50 into its own stratosphere. Mcintosh mc7100 150w stereo pa sm service manual download. When thus connected the power switch of these units controls the mc 30. Device owners manual service manual brochure catalog miscellaneous pictures device. Since jriver will play the actual data rate of the song to the mcintosh d150, simply set to restore defaults and let the program do its job of syncing with the dac. The amp is in excellent condition and works as it should.

Iconic audiophile brand mcintosh has released a new monoblock amp with a whopping 500 watts. This superior level of performance is unequaled by any other preampamplifier. Balanced inputs and outputsone balanced high level input and. The mcintosh mc152 is solid state stereo amplifier that delivers 150 watts of power into two channels at 2, 4, or 8. Jon iverson jan 14, 2015 though still sporting the classic mac look, there is plenty of new tech packed into the d150. World wide stereo brought on mcintosh soon after we opened in 1979, and some of our original mcintosh customers still look.

The mc501 has mcintoshs green meters on black and chrome, complete with big knobs. The mcintosh mc205 amplifier delivers all the explosive dynamics that high performance home theater systems require by delivering 200 watts of power to each. Jan 24, 2017 this amplifier was in my main system for several years and ive been hesitant to let it go since ive found this to be the most pleasant sounding of the open chassis mcintosh amplifiers. Mcintosh mc2255 amplifier garage sale the klipsch audio.

Mcintosh mc152 amplifier the mc152 is currently the smallest and least expensive mcintosh amplifier available delivering 150 watts of power from a 6. Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. When connected as outlined the mc 2100 operates as a 105 watt per channel stereo amplifier. Ive sold the matching c30 preamplifier, so this is just sitting in the box waiting for someone to enjoy it. The most powerful single chassis mcintosh monoblock amplifier, the mc1. This allows a mcintosh control center to turn the mc602 and other system components onoff. Now you can take advantage of traditional mcintosh standards of excellence in the mc275 stereo power amplifier.

The vintage hifi free downloads, service manuals, owners manuals, plans. Theres three impedance settings to match up to your phones ranges of 840, 40150, or 150600 ohms. Usb gets you up to 32192 pcm as well as dsd 64128 and dxd 352. Mcintosh c46 control amplifier tas editors choice for. The slimline mcintosh d150 dsd dacdigital preamplifierheadphone amplifier provides a simple, stellarsounding pathway to realizing everything highresolution audio. Two 75 watt output channels will drive any high quality loudspeaker system to its ultimate performance.

Mcintosh mc250 manual stereo power amplifier hifi engine. Mcintosh the compendium vintagemacs mcintosh compendium has moved. The power output watt meters on the mc300 are peak responding, and indicate the true power output of the amplifier. Mcintosh mc150 stereo power amplifier serial number. Power output ratings specifications stereo damping factor 150 watts minimum sine wave contin greater than 40. The mc300 output is so distortion free, it is difficult to measure with conventional instruments. If you or your dealer wish additional help concerning a suspected problem, you can receive technical assistance for all mcintosh products at. Mcintosh d150 digital preamplifierdsd dacheadphone. Once the application is completed, fmcsa suggests making a copy for the companys files. Builtin thermal protection circuits guard against overheating. I like it loud and am happy with what i can get out of my system using this amp.

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